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Air Quality

Whether it’s from the result of fire, wind, water, or storm damage, our disaster restoration team at Restoration Construction Team will restore your living or working environment's ventilation and HVAC system to a more healthful status. Continually breathing in the toxins, bacteria, and mold from a recent disaster can be life-threatening.

With third party NADCA Certified specialist RCT can offer solutions to air quality problems. With the most advanced methods in the industry, RCT will assist with air scrubbing equipment, air duct cleaning, and mold and mildew mitigation to improve indoor air quality.

Air ducts supply necessary air circulation and ventilation. But when ducts are saturated with dust, odor, smoke, mildew, and other airborne contaminants, they can become a dangerous conduit, spreading contaminated particles to furniture, fixtures and, most importantly, to the individuals working or living in the structure. RCT's Air Quality Control Teams are highly trained and professional technicians, experienced in the cleaning of all types and sizes of ductwork.

Indoor Environmental Restoration & Air Quality Control (IAQ)

Biological pollution of indoor environments and indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a national health concern. RCT has assembled a team of nationally recognized experts to oversee our indoor environmental division. The NADCA certified specialists utilize the most advanced methods in the industry, including air scrubbing equipment, air duct cleaning, and mold and mildew mitigation techniques. No other mitigation and restoration contractor offers the expertise, experience and cost containment practices that RCT and our affiliated scientists, doctors and contractors can provide.
  • Indoor environmental assessments and IAQ evaluations
  • Environmental and microbial testing (mold, mildew, bacteria, toxins, volatile organic compounds)
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Building decontamination and sanitization
    • Infection control
    • Mold and mildew control
    • Proprietary Systems