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Wind Damage Restoration

If you've experienced wind damage from a recent storm or disaster, Restoration Construction Team can send Emergency response crews immediately, specialized crews that have dealt with many incidents that have been caused by severe winds.

Tornadoes, hurricanes, sudden downbursts and straight-line winds are quite often responsible for devastating damage. With roofs removed or windows broken, furnishings and equipment are left exposed to further damage from the elements. In addition to offering board-ups, tarping and temporary roof repairs, RCT brings a new element to property protection in the form of shrink wrap. Utilizing a superior strength plastic, the shrink wrap process applies a plastic sheet over the exposed roof, wall, window, door, etc., and adheres it to the structure through a heat element system. Talk to your RCT representative about the need to Shrink wrap.

When wind damage occurs and your property is exposed to the elements, a variety of hazards can develop. The damage has been done, but there is still time to slow the effects of the storm and speed up recovery time through proper wind damage restoration from RCT. Chances are, the wind has blown rain, dirt, debris, and other allergens into your property. The presence of moisture along with the biological elements coming in from the wind damage is a perfect breeding ground for MOLD growth. It's imperative that RCT gets to the disaster quickly so we can mitigate the damage and start the process of wind damage restoration.

Besides the biological risk of wind damage, there is also the protection of your personal property within the structure. RCTI takes steps to secure your property not only from the elements but also from the community - for your protection as well as theirs. Remember, leaving your property open and unsecured can become a liability to you.