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Water Damage and Flooding

If you've experienced flooding and water damage from a recent storm or disaster, Restoration Construction Team can send disaster response crews now. Crews that are IICRC certified and have vast experience with handling water damage situations. We strictly adhere to the guidelines outlined in the S500 (the standards to which the Restoration and Insurance industry are supposed to follow). Remember, that when it comes time to choosing a company to handle the water damage caused to your home or business, use a Professional Restoration Company that has years of experience with this type of incident. Please follow this link for more info Water Damage Restoration

Broken pipes, rising tidal water, leaking sprinkler systems, washer hoses, hot water tanks, toilets, rainwater, leaking roofs... water knows very few boundaries. If you live in Florida, you know the devastating effects that our Summer Storms and Hurricane Season can bring. As you know, water has no boundaries and will saturate and damage everything it can reach, call on Restoration Construction Team to remove the water damage and implement drying and dehumidification procedures. We will closely monitor the entire process from start to finish using the most advanced technology, including but not limited to moisture meters, de-humidifiers, air-movers, air scrubbers, hygrometers, thermal imaging equipment. We will treat, sanitize and deodorize affected areas to address health hazards common with water damage.
Quick response and treatment for water damage is imperative in reducing further damage due to MOLD or mildew. RCT water damage restoration technicians are certified and trained in effectively handling water damage to structure and contents, including document drying, electronics, art and personal belongings. With one of the most experienced teams in the State, RCT can provide a rapid response with the appropriate crews and equipment to expedite the drying process in everything from single bedroom apartments, homes to large commercial and Industrial structures.

RCT certified water damage restoration team have experience in large-scale disasters the effect entire cities and communities as well as localized water damage to individual properties. We have the resources and flexibility to handle any emergency job size and can be pre-staged if flooding is in the forecast. Our emergency water damage response team has your homes and businesses covered when the water situations happen.